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Yesterday I lost one of my best friends. It was his time. His body no longer wanted to support his human life. He wanted to go home.

When we lose someone, don’t we always want one last chance to see their face, hear their voice? As a medium I know I can communicate with him easily enough but as a human it doesn’t feel the same or as close.

The good thing, the relief of it all, is that each of us expressed to the other all the words and feelings that were been left unsaid in the weeks and months before. There was nothing left for which to make amends.

Regardless of our disagreements, regardless of the arguments and differences of opinion, only one thing mattered. We loved each other and that would never change.

How wonderful it is to know that the two of us squared away any unnecessary clutter or regrets between us.

Unfortunately many times friends or family members pass away leaving so much unsaid and undone. It seems so wasteful for a soul to leave anyone behind while still holding tightly to their own personal ego full of anger and unhappiness. In the same way such awful residual misery is felt when the tightly held pride of the one left on earth wouldn’t allow him to say “I’m sorry. I love you.”

Of course, all of these hurt emotions can be fixed when one party is on earth and the other in spirit, but wouldn’t it be better to do it now? To give love and forgiveness to each other face to face or at least phone to phone would seem much easier, perhaps more personal.

In the end love is the only thing that matters.

Thank you John for being my friend.

Have you ever settled for something less than what you really wanted, your heart’s desire, simply because you were afraid to ask for too much or to ask too big? Did you request less because you felt you were only entitled to a little bit of satisfaction or happiness instead of receiving your much larger true wish?

Why do we shy away from revealing our heart’s desires even to ourselves? Perhaps it is something we learned as children: “You can’t have that. That is just for grownups.” “You always want your way. You can’t have everything.” “Why aren’t you ever satisfied?” Then there is the real clincher: “You know we can’t afford that!”

Where ever it began; our personal reluctance to ask for what our soul desires, and our soul truly needs, whatever triggered that resistance to complete fulfillment, we need to change. We need to change now.

We are grownups. We are here working in the earth environment to learn. In order to learn as much as we can, we need to be honest about the tools and help we require. A bit of dissatisfaction with the status quo of our lives and some lack of progress there in, is a very good thing! Be motivated to expand and change. You have the power to move forward.

When we hide the desires of our heart from ourselves as well as from our loved ones, we cheat ourselves by limiting our ability to progress. Each of us has wonderful abilities and talents that are a part of our life path pattern placed within us for our personal progression. Be proud of your own unique qualities and ideas. We all need to use our gifts. We need to shine!

Setting our goals too low simply causes a kind of inner confusion. Our subconscious wants to work for us. It wants to bring us successfully to our goals but when we vacillate it doesn’t know what to do. Even though we realize we need this thing or that, we ask for less or we change our minds going back and forth. Our willing helper, our loyal subconscious, is confused by our lack of consistent focus.

In addition to the availability of profound guidance from our own soul, high self or I Am presence we each have angels, guides, teachers and masters who are with us. They are eager to help. Of course, no matter how stuck we seem to be, they never interfere. We must ask directly for their help. If we will ask honestly and directly we will receive the exact direction and assistance we need.

If you are somehow feeling you don’t deserve the best or if your real desires seem too large, then considering enlarging your point of view. When lack of self-esteem is holding you back from trying for your highest desires, as a Clinical Hypnotist, I can help you. When I offer your subconscious mind positive moving-forward thoughts  through hypnosis, you will begin to see new courage and belief in your own abilities. You will know that nothing is too wonderful for you to desire and acquire. Your life can be a grand adventure!


Saturday, April 19, 1:30 to 3:30 pm at my Sarasota home.

 Many lessons and abilities offered by your past life experiences can be explored and brought forward for your use. Many talents and gifts as diverse as perfect musical pitch or walking the high wire have the potential of being buried in your subconscious but thankfully they do not need to remain hidden.

Your chakras also are filled with past life memory and the chakras can be encouraged to reveal numerous helpful abilities and amazing wisdom for your use today.

Equally useful is seeing the past source or event that triggered a present day fear or phobia. Perhaps today you panic over being in high places or tight enclosed spaces and wonder why. Simply accessing the knowledge of the “trigger” can lead to a powerful dramatic healing.

The workshop will include a deep meditation and past life regressionexperience for the entire group.

Location: north Sarasota private home, only $35, call to register:

       (928)300-2030 or e-mail:



We live in a fast paced world. We would like to be happy. We would like to be peaceful and joyful. Unfortunately one of the effects of the every quickening pace of our civilized life is unfounded, sometimes irrational, fear or panic. That paralyzing panic can hit at any time and seemingly for no logical reason.

There are any number of panic initiating causes. The cause for extreme fear might be as simple as stepping into a crowded room or driving on a long bridge over water. Some people cannot be in any enclosed space without feeling dizzy or faint. Other folks are paralyzed by the need to speak in front of a group.

The unfortunate side effect of long term panic or fear is the cruel damage that is done to an individual’s self-esteem. In time a person begins to feel unable to tackle any new challenge. In the extreme case they may begin to feel useless or worthless as a person. The may lose sight of all the dormant ability, talent and creativity they possess.

The good news is there is a way to end that fear from coming back over and over. Even better than that is the fact it can be cured without the use of any pills, injections, or other physically applied remedies.

The cure is just a change of mental response to whatever causes fear at a deep subconscious level. As a clinical hypnotist I have worked many times with clients to remove the panic “button”. The first step is to identify the “trigger” or causing event. When I am working with the subconscious mind of a client in a hypnotic state, many times that trigger can be traced to a past life situation or even a childhood event.

Whatever the initial cause, the desired change has to happen within the deep level of the mind. When a new pattern is introduced to the subconscious, a new more positive response will be initiated whenever the old triggering situation appears. It is like taking the power away from the event, reducing it to the commonplace or ordinary without the initial negative emotion and force.

In my hypnosis practice I have found that a positive permanent change can usually be initiated within as few as three clinical hypnosis sessions. The relief for a client who has been crippled by panic is enormous. Clients who were unable to leave their home for a simple trip to the grocery begin traveling anywhere with ease. The treatment allows unbelievable freedom for those people who were restrained from enjoying any ordinary activity by the thought that fear was always waiting to pounce and stop them.

If your life has been held hostage by panic, call today to set your appointment. You will find wonderful relief and freedom. Rev. Lois Cheney (928)300-2030

Oh, Karma. My Karma.

 Each and every one of you is a magnificent powerful manifestor. Yes you are an extremely talented creator of your own life events. Day to day you create within the light activated ball of energy that is you. You created your relationships, your home, you even selected the family you were born into. What an outstanding job you did and continue to do every moment.

Now here we all are on this interesting earth plane experience. Do any of you feel that time has changed, that it is moving faster and faster? It seems to me the first day of any given month arrives and then suddenly the month has slipped away. Yes, it does feel as if time has sped by and nearly disappeared while we were keeping busy handling the events of daily life.

As I view it, the interesting part of this apparently fast-moving time event we are experiencing is that we are also treated to or gifted with nearly instantaneous Karmic returns. Yes, that is what I said, very nearly instantaneous Karmic returns. Now how does that make you feel? A little apprehensive perhaps?

Many of us think of Karma as being negative but of course it can be either negative or positive. What is always true however, is that what we send out comes right back to us although in a somewhat different form or appearance and most likely from an apparently different source.

The energy we exert always creates some sort of matching effect. When we put strong energy into anything it carries more power than we may believe or intend. Perhaps in a moment of anger or confusion we say some regrettable thing and then believe it is over and done. But of course it isn’t. That energy has made a pattern and it is connected to us. It has gone out into the ethers to create for us.

Words, thoughts, actions, emotions create our fully formed patterns! All of these are continually working to create our future moments. The emotions that we attach to our thoughts, words and actions act as a powerful fuel increasing the intensity of the energy patterns we make.

Now what is instant Karma? If you go grocery shopping for a neighbor who has been sick and confined to the house for nearly two weeks, you may find that an hour or two later a friend is knocking at your door offering free tickets and a car ride to the fair. It does seem to bounce back that quickly.

Although if instead of doing a kind favor for someone you forcefully kick the neighbor’s dog which you found upending your favorite flowers. The resulting “return” might be just as quick. As you finish your own grocery shopping, you begin loading packages into your car and discover that some passerby has decided your car needed a little more design etched on the driver’s side with his nice sharp key.

Most of the time of course we have no idea which energy it was that we put forth which was ultimately responsible for bringing in the corresponding event. Of course it occasionally might be connected to what are past life “carry-overs”, those things we did in a former life that created a karmic debt or lesson.

Regardless of what we are experiencing today, if our desire is for a joyous spirit filled life, it would seem each of us is burdened with the task of watching our words, our thoughts, our emotions and naturally our actions. It is a huge task. It would appear to require us to be present continually in every now moment. That ever present now moment is where our power to create our highest and best desires is available for our use.  Now is when we can make positive changes.

It seems to me that emotions present one of our heaviest and most powerful energies to watch. Why would I say that? Because emotions are a highly combustible fuel when added to our thoughts, fears, actions or worries. When we are upset over someone or something we tend to mentally dwell on it over and over again. Imagining the worst and adding more and more “what if this” and “what if that” and “they shouldn’t have”. It becomes so monstrous that the memory, the rehash is not even near the original force but many times more intense. We actually send out multiple energy patterns of our discontent bringing the same kind of experiences into our lives over and over again.

I have an idea that might make this work of being aware a little more interesting and perhaps less stressful. You know that your words, thoughts, actions and feelings are made of energy. Further, you believe that the energy of all that you are producing cannot be seen. But suppose you decided that when you spoke or thought, the energy of those words and ideas painted a detailed picture that carried sound and color. Suppose your energy filled feelings were like a miniature movie or cartoon which was being widely distributed throughout the universe. Would this make you think twice about the content?

Suppose that your distressed actions created a movie complete with intensifying music, building to a crescendo, and of course panoramic shots of the entire event. Would you consider a bit more seriously before creating an unpleasant scenario?

Now what if the difficulty is a memory from a long time past? Each time the memory arrives you add some more distressed energy to it. Yes it is only the past but each time you entertain it, it seems to gain momentum and more bad feelings.

I have many times practiced a tweaking procedure with my own unpleasant memories. In other words every time the old thoughts would arise, I would begin changing the mental movie a little at a time. If it was an argument I would see it more of a calm discussion with all parties being quite reasonable. Every time the old memory would reappear I would adjust it even further until there was no way it could cause me to add any additional angst to it.

That method always worked for me without bothering any of the other people who were actually involved. And if in the energetic sense the others felt some relief as well, all the better!

Another way to approach the bitter old memory problem is with a certain kind of writing. The writing is not mailed or given to anyone it is again strictly for your personal comfort.

First you address the way you felt at the time of the situation. Spell out all of your feelings, arguments and ideas from your point of view on paper. Then when you feel complete, imagine the other person in a totally calm and rational mood (even if you have never experienced them in that way). Now seeing them in that way, allow their words to be put on the paper.

Do this writing that comes through them without second guessing anything that they might say, just write what they might be feeling in that kind and gentle state of mind. Chances are when you write their views from that vantage point you will begin seeing some surprising possibilities and gain emotional calm yourself.

If you still have something you need to say, write that and again allow them in their most reasonable countenance to respond. It can be most cathartic and many times will allow you to release the whole affair without a second thought.

All of these exercises for improving our personal energy and the resultant experiences are intended to free us to be happy and to really enjoy our lives. Our overall health physical, mental, emotional and yes spiritual as well depends on our ability to love ourselves and others enough to be free of any harsh ideas or judgments. Create well my friends! The power is yours.  (928)300-2030


Saturday, April 19, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

“The Gift of Your Past Lives”

Rev. Lois draws on her experience as a Clinical Hypnotist and Past Life Regressionist to explain the many possibilities contained in the many experiences of your other lives. She provides ways for you to heal old traumas, fears or phobias which trouble you today. In addition she presents methods to bring in powerful talents and abilities from your past lives for use now.

The workshop includes a deep meditation and past life regression for the entire group.

Location: north Sarasota private home, only $35. Call to preregister: (928)300-2030.

Using sound and color frequencies, gemstones and essential oils for clearing each of your major chakras, I will work with you to regain the original design and function of each of your chakras.

In this clearing and reenergizing process much negative karma is released and transmuted into positive energy. (Any undesirable karma found in the chakras can be from the current lifetime as well as from long past lifetimes.)

Why would you want a chakra clearing? Simply because when your ten major chakras are cleared it allows your four bodies: physical, mental, emotional and etheric; to be filled with vigorous health and positive life force energy.

Once again your chakras will be vibrating correctly, aligned and working in harmony with each other as intended. You will feel “lighter”, more in control of your personal focus, actions and life direction.


Call today for your appointment: (928)300-2030


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Can hypnosis fix that? Yes, clinical hypnosis can be the answer to a nearly endless variety of challenges. It has the potential to “fix” numerous problems. Hypnosis can create remarkable changes in a client’s life experiences simply by reprogramming their subconscious mind at its deep level to eliminate undesirable habits and potentially harmful desires of many different kinds.

Having said that, what is absolutely necessary for a positive result through hypnosis, is a person’s sincere desire and motivation for change. If that sincere motivation is lacking, not much can be done even when repeated clinical hypnosis sessions are given.

What factors can motivate a person to earnestly desire lasting significant change? The most obvious motivator is any looming behavior-caused disease or other threat to health. If anything is present day to day on a repeated basis to negatively affect normal physical or mental health such as excessive drinking of alcohol, compulsive smoking, extreme over eating, exposure to extraordinary long term stress or addictive behavior of any kind, hypnosis should be considered. A series of hypnotic sessions can offer relief by reprogramming the undesirable behavior, as well as the attitude affecting it, to create positive change.

Another factor that can cause strong motivation in a client is any unreasonable and crippling fear. It might be fear of crowds thus limiting their ability to go to the mall or a grocery store. It could be fear of enclosed places such as an elevator which would not allow them access to many places of business. Certain phobias can restrict one’s ability to fly in an airplane or travel by ship. Another half hidden fear presents itself as the lack of self-esteem which actually is caused by the fear of not being good enough, not measuring up to the standards set by others or concern over saying the wrong thing.

Fortunately the vast majority of self-limiting fears and extreme phobias will yield to reprogramming with the use of hypnosis. Through hypnosis they can be controlled, significantly minimized and often completely eliminated.

If you have a problem that is affecting your enjoyment of your life or keeping you from obtaining your goals, feel free to call me. We can discuss the possibilities for treatment to create positive changes and to bring you the results you desire.

Rev. Lois Cheney (928)300-2030


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Do you want to know more, see more, feel more? Would you like to understand your life challenges and situations with greater depth and accuracy? Would you like to have the ability and power to make dynamic positive changes to the experiences on your life path? Perhaps you simply desire more of life with spirited adventure and increasingly broader context. Here are two options I offer you for accessing your personal intuition, healing energy and psychic power:

When you are ready and would like one-on-one personalized attention to develop your extra sensory perceptions and energy directing abilities, I offer one hour of intensive in-person coaching for you each week for four weeks in the healing room of my Sarasota Florida home. Each week includes simple but powerful “homework” assignments selected to amplify your natural specialized energy and intuition.

Your weekly session with me is specifically designed to give you the skills you are looking for. For instance if you are interested in contacting your special guides, masters or departed loved ones that is the direction that will be our focus. If you wish to learn energy work for hands on healing or distant healing, those are the specific methods and tools I will give you. Whatever your desired endeavors are in the world of e.s.p. or psychic understanding, that is the tutoring you will receive.

For more information or to schedule a private appointment call 928-300-2030