Have you ever settled for something less than what you really wanted, your heart’s desire, simply because you were afraid to ask for too much or to ask too big? Did you request less because you felt you were only entitled to a little bit of satisfaction or happiness instead of receiving your much larger true wish?

Why do we shy away from revealing our heart’s desires even to ourselves? Perhaps it is something we learned as children: “You can’t have that. That is just for grownups.” “You always want your way. You can’t have everything.” “Why aren’t you ever satisfied?” Then there is the real clincher: “You know we can’t afford that!”

Where ever it began; our personal reluctance to ask for what our soul desires, and our soul truly needs, whatever triggered that resistance to complete fulfillment, we need to change. We need to change now.

We are grownups. We are here working in the earth environment to learn. In order to learn as much as we can, we need to be honest about the tools and help we require. A bit of dissatisfaction with the status quo of our lives and some lack of progress there in, is a very good thing! Be motivated to expand and change. You have the power to move forward.

When we hide the desires of our heart from ourselves as well as from our loved ones, we cheat ourselves by limiting our ability to progress. Each of us has wonderful abilities and talents that are a part of our life path pattern placed within us for our personal progression. Be proud of your own unique qualities and ideas. We all need to use our gifts. We need to shine!

Setting our goals too low simply causes a kind of inner confusion. Our subconscious wants to work for us. It wants to bring us successfully to our goals but when we vacillate it doesn’t know what to do. Even though we realize we need this thing or that, we ask for less or we change our minds going back and forth. Our willing helper, our loyal subconscious, is confused by our lack of consistent focus.

In addition to the availability of profound guidance from our own soul, high self or I Am presence we each have angels, guides, teachers and masters who are with us. They are eager to help. Of course, no matter how stuck we seem to be, they never interfere. We must ask directly for their help. If we will ask honestly and directly we will receive the exact direction and assistance we need.

If you are somehow feeling you don’t deserve the best or if your real desires seem too large, then considering enlarging your point of view. When lack of self-esteem is holding you back from trying for your highest desires, as a Clinical Hypnotist, I can help you. When I offer your subconscious mind positive moving-forward thoughts  through hypnosis, you will begin to see new courage and belief in your own abilities. You will know that nothing is too wonderful for you to desire and acquire. Your life can be a grand adventure!

Taming the Inner “Storm”

How many of us make energy filled plans for ourselves, for our lives and the lives of our families, just to have those plans run amuck? We have rosy loving plans sometimes manifested through our intensely deep desires. We intend, we imagine, we formulate. But life has a way of presenting us with unexpected detours and challenges. It absolutely is true that the one constant of life is change. How do we react? Will we flow with things as they present themselves?

What happens when what we expected and depended upon just does not occur? How do we react when circumstances or friends and family don’t behave in the way we thought and wanted? A loved one unexpectedly leaves, a job suddenly is eliminated, a parent becomes ill, all promised financial support for a new business evaporates. Even a simple change in the weather can bring about an unexpected change in our carefully set plans. Are we able to simply shrug our shoulders and adjust? Or do we become worried, anxious, frantic or unable to cope?

Automatically initiating an inner storm of frustration through worry, argument and resistance can cause physical symptoms for us as well. Those upset feelings if repeatedly deeply held can lead to body problems. Who really wants a stomach ache, a head ache, frown lines or worse? So much better to discharge those harsh emotions before they can take up permanent residence!

The truth is if we are willing to look, to be really open and expectant, many times an unruly change can be a bigger opportunity than at first we might believe. Of course initially we believed we had looked carefully at our path’s direction and desired result but often that blueprint for success can be improved if we allow ourselves to think broader, bigger more expansively.

When change strikes the first and most important thing is calling forth your own inner smile. Why not search your memory bank for a time when things did go perfectly because you made a few changes? Capture that feeling and hold it! When you accomplish that positive emotion many times you will find you have also succeeded in initiating your own overall sweeping attitude adjustment with regard to your current challenges.

Merely being acceptant of the unexpected and seemingly unwelcome changes can reveal surprising advantages. Those changes can be the start of wonderful new ideas and directions if you will allow inspirations to fully present them to you.

If you are willing to be open and flexible, you develop a strengthened “muscle”. The more you decide to adjust to life’s anomalies, the happier and more productive you will become. It is akin to any physical muscle, this emotional-mental muscle needs to be worked to gain strength. Every time you smilingly accept the detours, those forks in the road, as they arrive, the better your life’s flow becomes. The happier you will be. It will come to the point when you can laugh out loud at even the total crash of one of your closely held hopes!

Why would you laugh at one of your own very personal disasters? You might laugh, smile, or just take it in stride because as time passes you will come to understand that any single change or series of changes can be a learning experience. Any turn around or start over again will many times turn out to initiate your best creation yet. Offer all of it your accepting smile. Success in life can sneak up on you even in the midst of drama or trauma!

Reverend Lois Cheney is an ordained Metaphysical Spiritualist Minister, Psychic Medium, natural Clairvoyant and certified Clinical Hypnotist. She has counseled clients for 35 years and currently works in her healing room in Sarasota Florida. www.Sarasota-Psychic-Medium.com and www.MindfulHypnotist.com

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Are you prosperous? What does prosperity mean to you?

Apparently to lots of folks prosperity means owning the largest most elegant home. They must enjoy the finest dining and entertainment. When their bank account is so full they can’t imagine where next to invest the over flow, they feel prosperous. And, oh yes, their automobile is the latest model and definitely the most expensive. Perhaps they also employ a maid and a chauffer.

Then to other people prosperity is having true friends. Those friends who are always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. To those “other” people it  is also knowing who their “real self” is both physically and spiritually. They know without a doubt they are prosperous and filled with unlimited abundance because they came to this earth with talents and abilities to bring purpose and joy to their lives.  They realize they arrived to be caring and generous with others as well, learning all the while through love and forgiveness.

It is that feeling of innate security that lives in their hearts, the personal confidence that comes from the knowledge that they will always know what to do, what actions to take, how and when. For them it certainly is having just what they need when they need it but with no particularly urgent need for excess whether that need be food, shelter or transportation.

So what is prosperity to you? I have to emphasize that I have no quarrel with those who live the richest of lives with money to spare. My only thought is that a rich life also must include a spiritual balance that comes from give and take. When you have much and live triumphantly in a state of riches without the fear of loss, then you can be free to help others generously in a multitude of ways.

However, if there is always the need to jealously guard your fortune, there can be no joy, peace or contentment. It seems there is simply never “enough”. True prosperity is a joyous sharing of your heart with others. It depends on a different way of thinking and acting stretching yourself far beyond acquiring just the things that money can provide. If you are able to bring out the highest and best qualities in yourself and others, you have attained the ultimate in riches.

After all, when everything is said and done, we are a creation of the most high spirit. Yes, we live in the confines and demands of an earthly body but our responsibility will always be to express our divine spark in the best way possible. We feel the urge the strong pull to use our talents, expand our gifts and offer them to others.

We are here to learn to love and learn in a thousand different ways. For each of us to practice love is to unconditionally embrace, honor and respect the divine spark existing at the heart of every living person and thing.

At the same time you must never forget your own spiritual origin. You are a perfect light and love filled spirit enjoying a human experience. Remember to honor your own wondrous soul! You are unique, special and important. For all those reasons you now are and will always be abundant, prosperous, rich and secure. This is your birth right.


Dawn comes. It is a new day. It is a new beginning and a new chance. Whatever you want to change, whatever you want to create for your life. You have the power. The time to start is now.

No need to wait for a new week, a new month or a new year. Start today with this moment, this brand new day. Your future starts now with one small change at a time as you begin manifesting your vision, your dream.

So many times, far too many times, we put off, delay, and postpone our greatest desires until… Until what? Until conditions are perfect? They never will be. Until everyone agrees with our plan? Believe me, you will never get “everyone” to agree on anything. Until conditions are right? Ha! Conditions are always in flux. Putting your life on hold “until” just allows your visions to fade and die.

I encourage all of us to push forward with joy and enthusiasm, taking whatever actions seem right to us. Let us decide to use our highest wisdom, believe in our own Spirit-infused intuitive natures and begin to accomplish our future today.

Yes, New Year’s resolutions are fine but what about the Monday starting the week resolutions? Even better could we perhaps decide to wake every morning with the enthusiastic belief that this very day we can and will accomplish the next step in our life path goals?

I am suggesting that each of us make a plan and hold that plan close in our hearts. Give your ideas the love and energy they deserve. Expect growth, expect blooming. The results will come.

Know that you may encounter opposition from friends and even family. You may be subjected to unwanted advice. Not everyone will understand or agree with the things you do for your own progress. Nevertheless do not let anything or anyone stop you from acting on your personal truth.

You are the one in charge of shaping your life in the direction it was always intended to go. You are free to be the your very best you. Do not give your precious power away by letting others dictate what is right for you.

Each one of you is unique, special and valuable. Your talents, your skills, your outlook are all your personal gifts and attributes. You are not like anyone else. Be proud of your individuality and use it for your special brand of service in this earth life.

The actions that each of us takes now are the forerunners of our future. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Give your best self to life today.

“If I ruled the world

Every day would be the first day of Spring

Every heart would have a new song to sing”


Just words from an old song but each of us can put that kind of exciting, expectant, uplifting energy into every day. All we need do is use each moment to give our love and energy to our own unique visions. Then with joy and enthusiasm be ever grateful for the life we all share! The choice is yours. Would you like to have every day the first day of a Spirit-filled Spring? All things are truly possible.

As always I am here to help support your personal visions with a psychic consultation, a chakra clearing or hypnosis for habit change, past life regression or self-esteem issues. Call for your private appointment Reverend Lois Cheney (928)300-2030 or e-mail: RevLois@gmail.com.




















Doing some miscellaneous reading the other day, I happened on to a passage that said “while tomatoes are a fruit (scientifically) we mustn’t put them in a fruit salad!”

It set me to thinking. Why not? What awful thing would happen if the two were to meet in a fruit salad? Would their various components attack each other? Have we ever actually tried the two together? Or is it simply that we have learned that this combination is unacceptable practice or incorrect for some other reason?

Now I do not suggest that we must all try this different form of fruit salad! No, what I am suggesting is that just maybe each of us might have some other suspect ideas in our life beliefs.

Could it be that we are individually or collectively holding on to ideas that have no legitimate basis? Our lives might benefit by presenting some of those ideas concerning “correct and not correct,” “good and bad” with a little closer analysis.  

As you may have guessed the look at our personal beliefs could span an enormous number of subjects.  After all it was all too easy to accept those ideas about right and wrong, national origin, religious faiths, and modes of dress that we felt or heard as children. We might have learned not to speak unless spoken to or offer our own feelings or thoughts at any given time!

All I am suggesting is that whenever we turn away from a new idea, a new relationship, a new thought, we ask ourselves WHY? What is the deeper reason for rejecting this? Is the rejection based on known facts or an automatic deeply engrained habit? Perhaps it is a totally legitimate action or reaction but it is healthier to determine the reasons behind the reasons.

When we allow ourselves to be open to the new things of life trying different tastes and adventures, we become more “spacious”. We begin to completely actualize our lives. We live a fuller more beautiful experience of our life path. We can see the way to enlightenment perhaps even to our own ascension.

Plus, once in a while you might just find that you actually like a splash of “tomatoes with your bananas” even on a crispy lettuce leaf!



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What is worry? Nothing at all but the entertaining of unfounded fear. Perhaps we fear that the current seemingly negative situation is much more threatening to us than it actually is or that it is becoming worse. Or we believe our imagination which continually hammers at us telling us that something awful that has not happened, will happen. In any case through worry we allow our fear to control us.

When fear is left on its own, not dealt with, it grows larger and begins to spread. What originally was about one possible problem suddenly becomes numerous possible problems. The emotion of worry continually feeds itself and manifests in unexpected, unpleasant ways as our life experience.

If we acknowledge that emotion of any kind is a powerful creative fuel, it makes sense that we would want to feed our emotions with more positive thoughts and words.

Instead of continual worry expressed through our ideas, our spoken words or even worse in our written letters, we might begin making a difference in our emotional lives by being alert to the influence of worry and then erasing it when it occurs. So what should we do, what action should we take, when worry raises its ugly head?

There is nothing like physical exercise to bring in fresh energy and ideas. Go for a walk, head for the gym. It is difficult if not impossible to worry while you’re breathing hard from a workout. Another sure fire cure and a way to change your focus is to do something for somebody else. You can always find someone who needs a cheerful word or a helping hand.

Take time in the morning to write a comprehensive list of all the things and people you are thankful for. Don’t forget to include the fact that your earth life offers you an ongoing opportunity for soul growth. If worry still creeps in you also can escort it out of your way by sending peaceful, confidence filled thoughts to your own heart and mind.

When we make a firm decision to truly love and appreciate ourselves for our efforts (regardless of all our apparent foibles and occasional confusion) our self confidence will allow us to make our way through all kinds of intruding worries and challenges with personal esteem intact.

Thoughts, emotions, words, written ideas are all energy-carrying powerful creators. The test, before you send any energy into the world, is to consider what it is capable of manifesting in your world. Is the result what you want? Will you create more problems or more solutions with the ideas you are presenting?

It is tempting to tell friends, relatives, perhaps even strangers about your problems. The fact is no one really enjoys listening to your fears or difficulties. The result of amplifying your fearful challenges is not a pleasant nor happy anticipation for others.

On a personal note there are many mornings when I need to tell myself with enthusiasm that I am “young, strong and healthy. My body knows it and my body shows it!” Why would I feed myself those thoughts?  Simply because there are times when I would rather stay in bed and wallow! Occasionally I also might throw in something like “I have plenty of energy to share and to spare!”

Remember that your words, thoughts and feelings can be self-fulfilling prophecy! Be aware of your prophecies! May all your manifestations bring you overflowing Joy!

Yes, every thought, word or emotion that you have ever expressed or entertained is responsible to a greater or lesser degree for the quality of your life now and the situations that you encounter today and tomorrow.

If you are currently enjoying a “sunny skies” quality of life with good personal relationships, plenty of money, a beautifully designed home in your dream location, I would have to surmise that your thought patterns, along with your words to yourself and others, lean heavily toward the most positive energy. I would go further and say you have drawn all these pleasurable circumstances to you.

Because you and I are virtual magnets attracting everything to ourselves in accordance with the energy we exude, we also are obviously capable of changing our experiences by changing our attitudes. Nothing attracts more quickly than a repeated statement or thought accompanied by the hot fuel of strong emotion!

Anytime there is an opportunity to praise a person or situation, do it! Anytime you can offer a positive suggestion with love or offer a helping hand, do it! Need I say that good deeds and good words draw a world of good to you?

But remember too to be very gentle with yourself. We all make what we see as mistakes from time to time, but do not be harsh in judging yourself. Make a correction with an interior smile. Know that next time you will do better. Forgiving yourself, not condemning yourself, loving yourself always, allows you to be forgiving and loving toward others.

Admittedly we all have unpleasant ideas from time to time that hopefully we banish as soon as we recognize them. However, it is the oft repeated thoughts mixed with heavy emotion that form themselves in our experiences.

Even worse are the hurtful thoughts that we write. Placing negative ideas on paper, amplifying them by writing them down, gives them increased energy, a longer “life” and multiplies the possibility of drawing more and more similar negativity into our lives.

What would you like to experience tomorrow and the days thereafter? What do you deeply desire in your heart of hearts? Write it out! Put your beautiful flowing ideas on paper. Read them. Reread them. Adjust them as you feel led to do. Give them the happy living energy that creates.

For myself I manifest most easily if I repeatedly hear my own intended good. In other words, I am impressed by my own spoken word. My method to accomplish this is to record my ideas in the present tense as if they were already fully formed and in my life today. Then I play that cassette on my tape recorder at least once a day to imbed the ideas in my subconscious mind.

In other words I might record something like “I am so pleased that my new business is not only up and running but the income from it doubles every month!”  Or if my concern was with a physical body situation I could say “How wonderful it is that I am more flexible and energized than when I was in high school! It is great that I have arrived at my perfect weight xxx lbs.”  If friendships are the challenge perhaps something like “Being surrounded by so many happy and supportive friends makes my life complete.”

Whatever area of your life you wish to improve just be sure to frame those words to yourself as if they were already a fact. Also only speak or write words that you are able to believe and accept. Going too “far out” with your intentions can defeat you by infusing your mind with doubts. I must also emphasize that I do all of this work in absolute privacy and secrecy. It is all too easy to allow your intentions to be destroyed if you carelessly share them with others thereby soliciting opposing opinions.

How wonderful that the subconscious is an obedient and trustworthy servant. It never asks whether the information you repeat to it is true. No, it simply reaches out to the universe to create your desire in the form you wish.

As you begin programming positive changes in your life and experiences, remember that it is not a matter of making no effort. As you fill your subconscious with the new pictures of your life you will begin to receive ideas of actions that you need to take to move things along. You might get a feeling of joining a particular club, making a change in your work place or eating different foods.  Be sure to act on the ideas that resonate with your intuition.

If ever you find yourself getting far too tense and wound up over something, look for a little humor in the situation. If you will adjust your focus, I believe you can find something to laugh about in anything. Although, so as not to offend, you might have to restrain a giggle till you are out of ear shot. As a tonic and healing elixir laughter will bring relaxation to your mind and body, and hopefully a better perspective on any challenge.

One last thought: watch where and on what you are placing your powerful emotions. Love, passion, wonder, excitement and pervasive curiosity are just some of the emotions that can be used for positive creating. But allowing yourself to be angry over events you cannot control is only inviting more negativity. Instead turn to a daily practice of seeking out the highest and best in everything and everyone.

Remember emotion properly applied is the catalyst, the real fuel that will help you to manifest surely and quickly the good you desire! I wish each one of you Happy Creating.





As we prepare to birth yet another new year, our thoughts may be on the year now past. Perhaps we feel many things could have been better. We see loss in various human arenas…finance, institutions, relationships, and more. We may have regrets over some of our personal actions or inactions, those things we did or failed to do.  We may feel abused, even victimized, by the actions of others.

We need to ask ourselves if we want a rehash of 2010 or if we are willing to make the effort to create situations and events in and around us that are truly new. If we want our personal new year to be different than this past year, we must begin to think, act and feel differently about ourselves and our experiences.

At this special time of new beginnings I offer some ideas to bring you confidence that 2011 will be completely and pleasingly new! First, forget the so called “failures” of the twelve months past. Those losses along with the days that produced them are over. Whip out a sheet of paper and begin to write everything you ever did that was a “win”.

Call your list RIGHT ACTIONS. Documenting your “wins” as a list will be the first step toward your intended new journey. It will imbue you with the knowledge and deep seated belief that you are a successful Spirit filled human.

On your “Right Actions” list write every successful, generous, loving thing you have ever done. For instance, “providing extra food for others to brighten their holidays made me feel good,” Or “I decided to finish the college course which led to my being accepted as a …” Or perhaps, “buying that first little house set me on a good road to identifying winning investments.” Or, “I made a special effort to make my mother comfortable in our final weeks together.”

Whatever you did at any time that brought you a good feeling about yourself, your motives and your abilities write it on your list! The act of writing anything gives it special enlivening energy.

The reason for this exercise is not to encourage living in the past but rather to take you back there long enough to remember those special positive power filled times of yesterday. By reacquainting yourself with your successes of the past you are simply reminding yourself that the power you used then is the power you can elect to use now and in the future.

What name do you give your power? What channel are you tuned to? What is your motivator? Do you think of it as the energy of intuition, Spirit, God, I Am that I Am, High Self, Light or Love? Whatever name you give to it that power is forever yours to use in any way you can think, dream or imagine.

By making the “Right Actions” list you will begin to remember many successful ventures for which you may not have given yourself credit. The point of creating the list is for you to visualize and magnify a winning, successful image of you. When you see yourself as a creative winner you will access even more wonderful productive ideas. You will have more success with anything you do.

Did you know that your powerful subconscious will always carry out your orders? Every repetitious thought and emotion you feed to it will be saved, worked with and brought to manifestation. It is a 24-hour-a-day worker. It never becomes tired and it never grows old.

Even more than manifesting your power filled ideas, your subconscious keeps a bank of pure “information” that you did not empower. Ask it for some solutions and ideas and it will do the research. Or ask its associate your personal dream maker for answers. You have truly unlimited resources waiting your call.

When you access your own “feel good” emotion you have accessed your personally powerful fuel and igniter fluid for constructive manifestation. You can focus that energy to build the life you have dreamed of. You have always known what you desire and now you have the way to ignite those desires.

By your concentration on your personal successes you are throwing out all your preconceived limits. When you throw out limiting ideas and concepts you are free to engage fully with your personal light filled future.

It is no secret that most of us can tell you what didn’t work in our lives or what isn’t working. Why fritter away our dynamic energy resources on such a wasteful pastime? Let us speak instead of how much we love today and invest our energy here. Let us speak of the bright future that stretches out in front of us. Make our words work for us rather than against us.

Creating a new “new year” for ourselves does not happen by chance. It takes a desire on the part of each one of us to let go of the actions and ideas that did not work and focus on the ones that did!

A particularly good idea at this time of year is to clean house in any way you can. In other words, if you have not used a particular item in the last 12 months, get rid of it. Give it away to someone who could use it. Recycle it! If you are falling over unused possessions and storing some under your bed it is time to make some decisions about where you are using your energy. Everything you own literally owns you.

The other part of house cleaning is a little different. When a particular personal habit is a stumbling block, it not only has to be removed but it has to be replaced! It is good to remember that anytime you create a vacuum by removing an idea or emotion, you need to replace it with something more positive. Otherwise that hole that is left in your life experience will be filled with the “first available”, in other words, the luck of the draw.

Keep adding to your right actions success list whenever you remember one of your personal winning accomplishments.  Adding to your list will build your confidence. It will impress upon you that you are worthwhile and capable of great deeds. Each one of you has special talents and enormous creativity. Believing in yourself will reveal more of your abilities.

Through this list making exercise you will find other new and sometimes startling inventive ideas floating to the surface. Do not ignore your new ideas. Keep a second list of POSSIBILITIES.

Allow the ideas to approach you exactly as they are without placing immediate judgment on them. In other words, just because a particular idea seems beyond your abilities at the moment, too much like “pie in the sky” write it down anyway. Remember that tomorrow everything can change. What seems impossible today may be exactly the action that will work for you next week.

Do not throw away any of your inspired thoughts. WHEN IN DOUBT…WRITE IT DOWN!

Be aware that some of your best most workable ideas may come to you in dreamtime. Write them down the very minute you wake. Even if you cannot understand the metaphor or unusual language of a dream, write it down. Do not let any of these special inspirations escape into forgetfulness.

Pay attention to your colorful daydreams as well. Daydreams can carry wonderful inspirations that are worthy of your notice. Daydreaming is a way of trying out ideas and seeing the probable results. Let no idea wither for lack of your investigation.

The importance of written lists is that we are able to see things in a more concrete form. When ideas are standing side by side on paper we can evaluate much more directly. Clarity of thought is more likely.

Make this new year of yours shine with the ultimate in newness. Make it your best new year yet.

I would like to repeat an excerpt from an e-mail I received from the “Intenders” group:

“You are called, now, to give birth to a new way of life for yourself and for all those who walk this world with you. You stand poised at the threshold of great expansion in your perceptions, your possibilities, and your consciousness.

Now is not the time to settle for less or to think small. You are here to rise up and out of the prevailing paradigm of beliefs by shining your light and sharing your joy.

May all who seek comfort enjoy it. May all who want abundance experience it. May all who intend peace create it. May all who give love receive it. And may all who shine light live in it.”

My love and blessings to all of you for a magnificent new year, Reverend Lois Cheney.


I am enormously grateful for all the events of my life: past, present and future! I am thankful for every person, every situation, every roadblock as well as every win. The twists and turns of my life deserve my unending thanks.

Why would I love it all? Why would I appreciate the rough spots as well as the high flying successes? Why would I praise the slaps of life as well as the kisses?

Was my life in the past and is my life in the present so easy, so enjoyable, that I am able to simply overlook anything unpleasant? Could it be that everything I tried turned out exactly as I planned? Are those the reasons perhaps I might be looking forward to the future knowing it will be a “breeze”, an easy “walk in the park”? Hardly!

I am quite sure that the future will hold challenges and as many ups and downs for my path as any human can expect. I certainly realize that my future will have problems as well as solutions. So why would I be so completely thankful for all of it?

My not so perfect life started with my father abandoning mother and me when I was a little over a year old. Not exactly a stellar beginning. I was raised by an elderly grandmother and a cold and very unemotional mother, who worked most of the time. As a child I felt completely abandoned and unloved.

My self-image along with my ability to love myself was severely stunted. As a result I was incapable of loving or even acknowledging others. In those early years as a child I spent most of the time looking down at my feet and hardly ever smiling.

As I look back at my childhood, what a study in human relations it was! I can smile about it because undeniably it gave me a foundation for the work I do today. I am able to understand so much of the “acting out” some of us experience as adults. Many of our attitudes about life originate in our inability to love and accept ourselves. When we are unable to love and value ourselves, offering open hearted love to others is not possible.

Given my background it is not surprising that, still looking for love, I married young, barely out of school. Within a couple of years my two children were born. I continued to work in an office. With any free time I could find I pursued my spiritual growth with books, classes and meditation. Unfortunately my husband was not interested in such matters. That fact was the source of much contention and resentment. It was not an ideal life for several unhappy years.

During that rather lackluster time I was able to find some relief by taking voice lessons on Saturday mornings. Immersing myself in the music gave me a feeling of exhilaration and usefulness. I also helped as much as I could with my Unity church book store and the choir. Working for the church in various programs instilled a desire to do the counseling and lecturing I enjoy today.

What those years impressed on me, the gift they offered, was the importance of, really the necessity of, acknowledging and expressing my own feelings. I had allowed my own needs to be suppressed to the extent that in the confines of the marriage I became “invisible”.

My harsh emotional experiences in that early marriage revealed to me that my own life mattered and should not be set aside. I realized that I was valuable. I vowed never to ignore my dreams again.

Time went by, the marriage ended and I moved to Florida. I worked in Florida as a real estate broker-salesperson for some years while doing my metaphysical psychic work part time. Working with buyers and sellers in real estate sales was a not-so-easy education in human motivations and character. Intuitively it was obvious to me that people didn’t always know what they really wanted or needed.

Ultimately, Sarasota is where I met and married my late husband. From the first life with him was much different from my earlier experience. He was outgoing and talented with all the abilities that fit with my counseling work. He was a hypnotist, hands-on healer and psychic reader.

Together we taught and counseled clients for 19 years. The more we worked in our chosen metaphysical field, the more our abilities grew. While offering our psychic services, we also traveled buying, remodeling and selling homes. Our real estate activities took us to many different locations in the states.

Even with our obvious compatibility, my husband and I had just as many problems as any couple or perhaps more. Unfortunately my husband had a tendency of teetering between total positivity and complete depression. His down cycles got deeper and deeper until one day while recovering from a serious operation he took his own life.

A personal event of that magnitude might have caused me to give up on everything and everyone. After all, I was left with far too many properties to handle by myself; homes, cars and boats. There were endless legalities to resolve. Surprising though when the shock of his quite unexpected leaving wore off, instead of feeling abandon or giving up on myself and on life, I threw myself into my work with greater enthusiasm. I began to find new ways of counseling and teaching.

To my amazement clients started finding me who also had been affected by a suicide in their families. As a result of my own experience I was better able to help them. I continued to search for methods that were of the greatest benefit to all my clients. Once again I began to feel more alive and valuable.

I have to say that I am deeply thankful for every experience of my life. Every one of the people, every one of the situations the good and the bad, those with and without drama, every one of them has provided valuable learning and more understanding. Hopefully all of it has left me a wiser soul.

Given the opportunity there is nothing about my life experiences that I would change. It was all wonder-filled. I see it as a succession of lessons and more than a few miracles. It was all perfect.



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In my work as a counselor I have found that anyone over the age of 18 is quite likely to be carrying some amount or degree of regret; regret for what he or she did do or what he or she did not do. Occasionally that regret takes the form of all too heavy guilt. But be it regret or guilt it is still just another version of fear. We fear that because we were not “perfect” in some past action, we are always in danger of repeating some aspect of our own imperfection.

What if your judgment is flawed? What if you cannot access the right information? What if your timing is off? What if you already missed all the best opportunities and they are over and gone? Believe me when I say the “what if’s” are endless. Let’s turn them around. What if you are right? What if the best time is now?  What if all the energy in the world is ready to support your decision? What if the universe has been waiting for you to act and you do take action? What if your idea is perfect? WHAT IF YOU WIN?

Although you may not be consciously aware of it, if you are personally suffering with any of that emotional/mental heaviness called fear, it may have come from your acceptance of what others have told you was “wrong” or “bad”. Those ideas may have been pushed on you years ago from friends, spouses, parents, employers or others but the origin is not important. What is important is your reaction to that useless injurious acquired guilt, your decision to carry it on forever or to drop it and let it go. Each of us must take charge of our beliefs and those accompanying attitudes.

Whether we call it regret, guilt or fear it definitely has the effect of “dampening down” the Spirit. It causes one to live way too much in past hurtful events. When we live in past unhappiness we create present time unhappiness. In the extreme example, through our heavy thoughts and feelings, we recreate the past by manifesting similarly depressing situations in our future. Certainly not the reality we would wish to lay on ourselves and to experience yet one more time.

If we spend time over analyzing, reevaluating and in essence amplifying our past failures or mistakes, it leaves us with no time, impetus or desire for moving ahead. What is urgently needed is our own permission to start from where we are and begin again creating our most positive heartfelt desires.

If we look honestly at what we want from our lives it becomes obvious that we need to impress upon ourselves, upon our thoughts, our feelings, that not only are new beginnings possible and available, those new beginnings are standing in the wings waiting for us to acknowledge them. All the possibilities are there eagerly anticipating some sign from us that we are willing to take personal action on our own behalf to move ourselves forward.

There are a lot of avenues or ways in which we become fearful, stuck or lost. When a close loved one or friend leaves us through death or simply moves away, it can leave us with a damaged sense of self. Perhaps we feel somehow we caused the leaving, we were guilty of not doing this or that for their sake. Again we may feel we used inappropriate action or words. Whether or not we were overly dependent on the other person, nevertheless their leaving seems to leave a temporary hole in our lives.

It is natural to experience a period of grieving over any loss but after a reasonable time it is important then to move ahead with life. There comes a time when we must again see the love and beauty around us and within us. We need to acknowledge the wonder of our lives. We simply do not have the right to let the life God gave us to wither away unused and unfulfilled. We need to once again access our life path with the help of our heart and soul inspired dreams.

Sometimes a similar period of fear and grieving may assail us when for a reason or reasons that may be altogether unexpected and possibly quite unclear we lose our employment or other valuable financial assets. We worry we cannot even try something new. We feel the loss was caused by something we did wrong. The thought of having to forge ahead to a new more joyful way of living and earning leaves us feeling weak or incapable. What we should acknowledge is the possibility that with this apparent loss there is the arrival of a good chance, a genuine opportunity to try a new path. There is every reason to believe that better things lay ahead of any loss if we will agree to become positive explorers looking to the Light.

Whatever you may have heard, whatever you may have been told, you are neither too old nor too young to start again. And no, you are not too tall, too short, too fat, too thin or too inexperienced.

So you say you did not go to this college or that school? Where is your passion; in other words, what subject draws you in and will not let you go? What do you wish to learn? Find the teacher. Find the course. TEACH YOUR SELF!  You have full ability to take action today. Whatever your goal one little step a day will bring you there. Just start.

You don’t have the money? You don’t have the social standing? You need better clothes? You don’t have the right friends? You feel you are all alone. No one to help you. We can all find excuses. Let’s decide not to. Instead let’s take action.  Talk to your guides. Talk to your angels. Talk to your high self. All of your helpers are your loving allies. They simply stand by, waiting for your call.

Begin with what you have. Begin right where you are. You are valuable. Don’t waste yourself and your time. Keep your efforts going till you accomplish your goals. There is always more than one way up the hill. If you sincerely want to find your road and are willing to begin by putting your energy into the hunt, you will find it. You will keep on keeping on till you find yourself at the top.

Select a personal journal and begin today writing in it. Fill it full of your optimistic ideas, your positive faith-filled dreams. Even if they seem impossible or improbable, write them down anyway. What looks impossible today may very well be the perfect idea tomorrow.

This is your private book. In privacy read your ideas out loud to yourself again and again. Adjust them as you feel led until you are certain they are whole. You may have that perfect idea or desire that is capable of drawing in all manner of assistance perhaps even entrepreneurial help and financing if that is what is needed. You may have an idea that will change your whole life or change the world.

Suppose your dream has always been to travel. Get a scrapbook started with all kinds of routes and pictures. Cut out itineraries. Put energy into your choices. I remember reading of the success of a single lady who wore a colorful dress printed with pictures from various foreign countries. She wore her “creation dress” at every opportunity. Somehow her programmed trips just seemed to find her.

If you are looking for a new life partner, what sort of person would fit with your personality and lifestyle? Don’t be afraid to put the details down in writing in your journal. Get down to the specifics and then decide if you might need to make some adjustments to yourself. Perhaps taking part in some more outgoing social events might be in order. It is hard to meet people if you are hiding out at home. Maybe your smile has been under utilized lately. You can fix that!

Whatever you wish to create try to see it as a whole picture, the completed manifestation. Imprint it on your mind. Really feel the feelings it would give you. How would the satisfying results affect you? What results would you see? Then start believing you have those results right now. You and your imagination have limitless power. Create your new beginning in any form and in any way you wish! Not even the sky is the limit.


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